Daniel BrownI’ll be honest, the vast majority of the ideas put forward on this website are built on the content found in Eye Floaters No More. Eye Floaters No More is a program created from the ground up by Daniel Brown, a professional health researcher and former sufferer of eye floaters.

It is an entirely natural and proven method to completely eradicate, or at the very least dramatically reduce, eye floaters. I can testify to its authenticity and value, and would never endorse a product unless it was exceptional in delivering its promise. As such, I have put together an Eye Floaters No More review for those who are interested, or on the fence about this product.

Daniel discovered and perfected these methods when researching the reasoning behind his own eye floaters. By understanding the whats and whys of eye floaters fully, he has been able to craft unique methods of removal previously assumed impossible without surgery. He has converted these methods into a comprehensive, easy to use and affordable online programme that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. To reiterate,these methods are 100% natural, and do not require any visitation of doctors, surgeries or hospitals. You will be required to put aside just a fraction of your day, and follow the steps until you are cured.

The product is completely adaptable to varying severities of the eye floaters condition, so is suitable for any and all sufferers. There is something to gain here for everyone. Don’t assume that because your condition hasn’t become detrimental to your eyesight just yet, that it won’t in the future. Left unchecked, eye floaters will only worsen, so start early and don’t let it get too late.

I’ve devised a pros and cons list that I hope will help you to make a decision as to whether the Eye Floaters No More programme is right for you.



The Product is accessible immediately upon purchase. This is a fully digital product and can be taken with you anywhere, whether on your computer, iPad, or phone. There is no hidden shipment costs or waiting weeks on end for your product to arrive. You can begin treatment today.


There are a wide array of curative techniques locked away within Eye Floaters No More, so if you ever feel one particular method isn’t working for you there are always alternatives that are sure to suit you.


It is the most complete package available online regarding Eye Floaters. Not a single detail is left out, and you will not find a more comprehensive system anywhere on the web.


It works! After trying countless methods and products, physical and digital this is the only product that has worked for me personally. Many others have found similar results. You can see some testimonials over here on the Eye Floaters No More website.


Daniel Brown is a qualified and legitimate specialist, and teacher. As a former sufferer he is understanding of your problems, and has the ever answer to rectify them.



There is a huge amount of information here, not exactly what I would consider concise. This is due to the large number of quality and descriptive ideas put forward. If you are expecting a 2 step formula then this product probably isn’t for you.


Not every remedy will work for you. In fact there are a few I’m not convinced are entirely worthwhile using and perhaps get in the way of the methods that really do work.


You may still require an Optometrist for very severe eye conditions. Surgery is not always 100% avoidable especially when dealing with vitreous detachment.

Eye Floaters No More Review


Eye Floaters No More may not be the perfect product, and it may not save everybody’s eyesight. But if floaters are the predominate problem you are suffering from, then it remains to be the absolute best value for money and comprehensive product available on the market. Having spent countless hours trawling through the web trying to find something that works, this really is the only product I could possibly recommend. You can find a link to it here or by clicking above.

If you have no interest in the Eye Floaters No More review, there is already a great deal of info on StoptheFloaters.com, so please, continue to browse here and I am sure you will find the information you need!

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My name's Mike. As a long time sufferer of vitreous eye floaters, I know exactly how much of a grievance they can be. After countless hours spent toiling away searching the internet to help myself, I realised there wasn't anywhere that gives sufferers, like I was, any sense of hope in treating this debilitating condition. And so, I've created stopthefloaters.com to share some of my own wisdom. While you might never fully cure your eye floaters, I hope some of what I have to say will prove beneficial to you, at least enough to move on from eye floaters for good! You can read more about me here and my own personal history with eye floaters here.



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