What are Eye Floaters?


You may often experience clouds or specks that interfere with or move across your field of vision. They are usually most noticeable when looking at something bright, for instance a blue sky. These little specks have a name – Floaters, and they are also commonly accompanied by Eye Flashes. Most people will notice these more often when looking at plain backgrounds, such as the sky or a wall. Eye Floaters are actually tiny formations of cellular material that float within the vitreous humor – a clear gel that fills the eye.

While they are often incorrectly believed to be in front of your eye, floaters are situated well within it. After birth and throughout childhood the vitreous has a gel like consistency, though with age this begins to dissolve into a watery fluid, but at the same time leaving behind it many undissolved particles. What you see is their shadow cast upon your retina – the part of your eye that senses variations in light and actually allows you to see. While most people will recognise floaters as being worm or threadlike in shape, they can take on literally any different shape, such as clouds, circles, dots or even cobweb like formations. Eye Flashes occur when the vitreous pulls on your retina and may look like streaks of lightning in your vision or flashing lights.


One thing you probably will have noticed is that these Floaters never seem to stay still when you want to focus on them. This is because Floaters move along with the vitreous when your eye moves, creating the illusion that they are dancing across your vision.

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My name's Mike. As a long time sufferer of vitreous eye floaters, I know exactly how much of a grievance they can be. After countless hours spent toiling away searching the internet to help myself, I realised there wasn't anywhere that gives sufferers, like I was, any sense of hope in treating this debilitating condition. And so, I've created stopthefloaters.com to share some of my own wisdom. While you might never fully cure your eye floaters, I hope some of what I have to say will prove beneficial to you, at least enough to move on from eye floaters for good! You can read more about me here and my own personal history with eye floaters here.



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